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Bullion gold bars & coins from Correct Gold

Benefits of buying bullion gold

Graduation Sale

Looking for a useful and smart graduation gift? Choose from our bullion gold bars, and now you can order some ofour products at a discounted price in Correct Gold webshop. The promotion is only available on the webshop, cannot be combined with other discounts and is valid while stocks last. You can also buy investment gold from stock in our stores nationwide!

Graduation Sale Products

1 000 Ft discount from the price at the time of order

1 g Heimerle+Meule Gold Bar "I love you"
We sell: HUF 40,700
We buy: HUF 27,000
5 g Argor Heraeus gold bar "year of the dragon"
We sell: HUF 151,300
We buy: HUF 134,600
2 g Argor Heraeus/ Münze Österreich Gold Bar
We sell: HUF 59,900
We buy: HUF 53,800
10 g Argor Heraeus gold bar "year of the dragon"
We sell: HUF 289,600
We buy: HUF 267,800

Correct Gold services

Correct Gold's gold trading services include bullion gold and bullion silver buy and sell, Scrap gold and silver buy and sell, pawnloan and jewellery sales. Our Correct Gold Gold shops are located in the same office as Correct Change.

Bullion gold and bullion silver sales:

Bullion gold and bullion silver sales are available at 24 of our gold shops nationwide without advance ordering or appointment. You can buy bullion gold bars and gold coins in person at our stores from stock, or order online at our webshop at the current price. Online orders can also be picked up in person at our network of stores nationwide. Go to bullion gold products ➝

Buy bullion gold and silver:

Bullion gold and silver buybacks are also available nationwide at our gold shops. In the product list, the "We Buy" price shows the current buyback price at which we will buy each product from you. Go to bullion gold page➝

Scrap gold and silver buy-up:

When buying scrap gold and silver, you can sell your defective or worn precious metal jewlery to us, and we will now buy your jewelry in good condition over 14 carats at an increased gold price. Go to the prices for scrap gold and silver ➝

Pawn Loan from Correct Zálog:

When you pledge your gold and silver jewelry or investment gold, we will pay you a pawn shop loan immediately in cash. We have 3 locations in Budapest. ➝ 

Jewelry sales:

Jewelry sales include refurbished second-hand jewellery and quality brand new jewellery at affordable prices. Find the perfect jewelry for you ➝ 

Scrap gold prices - Correct Gold

Scrap Gold 

Pledge loan for gold jewellery for cash

Pawn shop

Bullion gold safekeeping

Safe deposit box

Scrap Gold and Silver Prices

Bring your outdated gold, silver jewellery and silver objects to our stores and sell them at a bargain buying price.


14 carat gold buy-up price


18 carat gold buy-up price


24 carat gold buy-up price

800 ‰

Buy-up price of 800‰ silver

925 ‰

Buy-up price of 925‰ silver

999 ‰

Buy-up price of 999‰ silver

We take your gold with a higher price into account if you buy jewellery in any of our shops

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Bullion Gold Price Rate

Investment gold exchange rate changes over the last 1 day, 1 month and 1 year