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Scrap gold & silver can be jewelry (old, out of use, even brand new), or anything that contains gold/silver alloy. In our offices, we test the scrap gold or silver and make an offer that you immediately receive in cash. Information: +36 20 472 4017

Scrap Gold and Silver Price Rate


14 carat gold buy-up price


18 carat gold buy-up price


24 carat gold buy-up price

800 ‰

Buy-up price of 800‰ silver

925 ‰

Buy-up price of 925‰ silver

999 ‰

Buy-up price of 999‰ silver

We take your gold with a higher price into account if you buy jewellery in any of our shops

14 carat gold buy-up price: HUF 13,300/g
18 carat gold buy-up price: HUF 17,000/g

In which office can you sell your scrap gold or silver?

On the Contact page, a service filter can be found so that you can choose the closest Correct Gold office, which is located in a Correct Change office. Some of our offices have the service of immediate buy-up and you can sell your scrap gold or silver on the spot. In other offices, after a central test, we make the offer. If that is acceptable for you then you receive the amount of money. This process only takes a few days and it is free of charge.

What does' refined gold' mean?

The purity or fineness of gold is counted in parts per thousand. Also, it can be measured in carat which is the traditional way of defining fineness. Pure gold has 24 carats, one carat is 1000/24= 41,666. Most of the jewelry has 14 carats, which means that 583 per thousand of it is pure gold. The remaining 417 per thousand contains different alloys. At a product, with 18 carats 750 per thousand is pure gold and 250 contains different metals. As for the 8 carats jewelry, exactly one-third part of it is pure gold. When we buy up jewelry we always purchase for the proportion of pure gold, because the type of the precious metal can hardly be defined and it costs more than its value. At buy-up, if our appraiser decides whether the jewelry can be sold again. We pay for its quality and unique fashion only if it is marketable. 

The process of buy-up in our head office

The first step of buying up articles from scrap gold or any kind of metal compound is evaluation. The appraiser carefully evaluates the article without causing any damage. According to the weight and hallmark, he makes an offer if the customer accepts it the appraiser thoroughly measures the carat of the gold alloy. In some cases, the article has to be damaged to clarify the material inside. This does not affect the value since the scrap gold is being recycled.

After a couple of minutes, the customer receives the given amount in cash at the check-out without any charges. The payment also can be in euro currency. We always give a receipt of the purchased scrap gold which requires a valid identity card from the seller. We continuously refresh the price of the scrap gold on our website and on our led display board in front of our office. Our prices are connected to the global scale that is why sometimes they can change even during the day.

The process of buy-up in Correct Change exchange offices

Scrap or pure gold articles can be sold in our Correct Change exchange offices. A security plastic bag will be given to the client which can be closed only once. The client put the articles into this plastic bag and put the label with a serial number away. The exchange office sends the plastic bag to Budapest where the appraisers evaluate the article under video surveillance. After defining the value of the article, they get to the client who can decide whether the given amount of money is acceptable. The value is defined by our recent buy-up rate which also can be seen on our up-to-date website. If the customer accepts the price, the exchange office will be informed and they give a receipt. To get the money, the client must show a document of identification – an ID card and an address card. If the client does not accept the offered amount then the appraisers will put the article in the plastic bag and send it back to the client. This service is free of charge.