Now worth more than ever requesting pawn loan at Correct Zálog because you can get an increased amount in exchange for your collateral.

Pawnshop loan

We would like to inform our customers that as of 06.11.2023, the lending conditions of our pawnshop have changed, which can be viewed by clicking on the following link.



The Correct Zálogház Zrt is a subsidiary of Correct Change exchange company which has been working for 20 years with success.

Since the chief executive officer has strong capital, the company lacks liquidity problems. Just as the currency exchange company, at the pawn service our main goal is to give loans with low and acceptable charges, interest, and fair conditions – so that gives satisfaction to our customers and they can recommend our service to their acquaintances also they may return.

We offer loans of 30-, 45- and 90-days. If it is necessary the duration time can be prolonged.

At our pawn shop, the following objects can be escorts for the loan:

  • Scrap gold
  • Jewelry
  • Gold investment
  • Silver jewelry or other assets



  • Favorable conditions

    We are intended to provide the best conditions and lowest fees possible to pay less for our service.

  • Quick loan request

A professional appraiser will evaluate the assets that you wish to pawn. During the process, we are trying to minimize the waiting time. After evaluation, we pay you the loan in cash immediately. 

  • Safety

    At our store, we use the newest types of equipment and technologies so you and your assets are in a safe place. In the case of a bigger loan or returning your assets, we provide a private "discreet" check out where no one can see you only the cashier. You do not have to be afraid of being watched where you put your assets. You can use our private check-out desk at any amount. 

  • Option for selling

    At the same place, you have the opportunity to pawn or sell your scrap gold or silver.


Official documents


CONDITION LIST from 06.11.2023

CONDITION LIST 16.04.2023.-06.11.2023

ANNOUNCEMENT about the conditions of pawn loan; charges, explanation of interests and its calculations

COMPLAINTS GUIDE (Hungarian form)

From the MNB website, the  Consumer Complaints can be downloaded (Hungarian form)

Business rules valid from 17.04.2023 can be downloaded in pdf here

If you do not have the Adobe Reader application in order to open the documents above, you have the chance to download it from here

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GDPR INFORMATION (Hungarian form)

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